Accessorize an All-White Living Room

Starks Meet Homey

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An all-white living room has a kind of cool crispness. But leaving it completely stark can make the space seem unapproachable. To successfully create an all-white living room is a challenge. You need to make sure the interior retains the character and coziness that a living room needs, but without any color, the room can easily become sterile.


The best all-white living room is a mix of different palettes of white and cream as well as a mixture of materials that play and challenge one another within a single-tone interior.


For more tips on decorating your whites just right, following are the tips.


Keep it simple


Full floor-to-ceiling mirrors can lend a modern effect. Look for one without skirting or cornicing so it creates the illusion of a larger room, as though it keeps extending. A mirror with beveled edges has a more traditional and luxurious feel.For art, I love a good white-on-white piece.


Keep everything rather natural and not mix in other palettes.If you want something softer, go for a distressed antique rug in a viscose material or a natural rug like coir or sisal.


When it comes to small accessories, keep it simple with a cashmere throw, some reclaimed vases, natural baskets, and lots of plants. If you want to add a few pops of color, try dark mustards, teals, and pinks.


Go for neutrals


Neutrals add another element of dimension: They make the space less sterile by creating a sense of warmth within a room.The neutrals come through in leathers and ceramics; anything that has an earthy feel to it such as natural stone and leather. This effect can be accomplished by incorporating ceramics, woods, natural stone, wall textures, and hide/textured rugs. Some neutral patterns, graphic black and white are all timeless classics. It never goes wrong.


Consider each facet


Candles work well. You can use them in different sizes, shapes, and tones and they will help set the atmosphere and enhance it without detracting from the surrounding environment. Also to use sheepskin to upholster an armchair for example or as a throw on a sofa or a rug on the floor; you have to be careful not to go overboard though. Black and white photography can be striking in an all-white room.


If the room is small, use mirrors to make it feel bigger and reflect light around the space. I often break a mirror up into multiple parts so you are not faced with one giant reflection but a more fragmented vision that makes it more graphic.


Artwork ... can be a wonderful thing to construct the room around.When it comes to furniture, the lines of each piece need to be pure and simple because there is no color to help you define areas.