How to Decorate a Home with Fresh Flowers

Adding Color & Life

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Fresh flowers inspire an immediate lift, and add interest to any and all rooms. They help to bring softness and texture to a space that can otherwise be filled with hard surfaces. Flower arrangements can also be a wonderful way to draw attention to features of an interior; a tall arrangement, for example, can direct the eye to appreciate the ceiling heights of a space.


Fresh flowers can "take a room from bleak to chic. adding that final finishing flourish and bring your entire scheme to life.


For advice on creating rooms that bloom, follow these tips.


Focus on Style and Substance


The interior dictate the arrangement. For more traditional interiors, go for fuller, denser arrangements. For more mid-century and contemporary interiors, arrangements of looser and less dense with a sculptural quality to them.


Don’t match your floral arrangements to your interiors, but complement them instead. If your home is a palette of soft pinks, for example, choose a stronger shade of pink that attracts attention. Adding a punch of color to a serene interior or a softness to a vibrant space can keep the eye interested.


Make sure the vases you use are watertight. Store your flower arrangements in your refrigerator when you are away from your home for an extended period of time. It can really extend the life of an arrangement.


Stick to what is in season. Decorating with seasonal flowers evokes the moment you spend in a room. Start with a simple harmony. Build your palette first with the color(s) dominating your décor.


Then elaborate the palette by gradually introducing a derivative hue that may then incorporate accents of contrast.The vessel is part of your bouquet. Don’t limit yourself to only vases. Used empty paint cans, tomato sauce tins wrapped in moss, raffia, fabric, twigs, burlap, paper, the possibilities are endless. If you have a beautiful light source, then use a crystal-clear vessels; the water and branches are as beautiful as the flowers.


Placement Makes Perfect


Indigenous varieties are easy and can be cut from your garden. Expecting plants to live forever is what leads people to buy artificial flowers. Consider your space. There are many pots that hang on the wall—and plants like tillandsia or staghorn fern can be hung or put in a cranny.


You can arrange seasonal vases, multiples or a single elegant silver service with traditional roses. Always consider color. Flowers draw the eye, but greens can be very impactful, too. Often use a color that is not in the room; it’s just as powerful as putting lilacs in a purple and lavender room.