Ways to Decorate a Great Room

Decorate A Room

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A great room, or reception room, is the place in the home where guests most often congregate, so it’s not only important to make a good first impression, but the space should also feel welcoming.


With so much surface area to work with, however, decorating can be daunting. "First you need to understand how the space will be used.


The way you intend on utilizing the room influences the way it should be set up. A large reception room can feel less formal if you are using the space to play your weekly game of cards, or if you are having drinks with another couple.


Designate different zones


Creating zones with seating arrangements will make a large space feel more accessible and purposeful. The way to do this is to think about how you live so that you can correctly utilize the space. Each should feel unique and well curated with quality lighting and comfy seating that makes the space feel intimate.


Give furniture purpose


Aim to decorate a space that can accommodate different types of entertaining. The easiest way to accomplish this is through furniture. You can create a more intimate setting with a group of club chairs, or have a game table or dining table set up with multiple chairs. You can also have a designated space with sofas and chairs facing each other so guests can easily converse.


It’s also helpful to have conversation pieces in each space. It’s also important to have your eye move around the room; this can be done by creating interest using high and low furniture, or sculptural or wall art.


Consider scale


The scale of the pieces you choose for the room should relate to the size of the room itself. It make sure a room is balanced and the pieces are in harmony with each other, that way the room does not feel sparse or dwarfed when empty.


On the other hand, a single, large piece of furniture in a small room can help create a focal point and be something to build a room around. For example, you choose to pick up on the color or texture in an armoire and use this in the upholstery of a sofa or a pair of armchairs, bringing the pieces closer and tying the room together. Likewise, smaller objects in larger rooms can work beautifully as a collection for instance, grouping small tables together to form one large coffee table. They can be added or taken away as necessary if you need a more flexible space.


Using light, mirrors, and high ceilings creates the feeling of more space in a small room; while heavier, darker colors in large rooms make them seem more intimate.