4 Handy Hacks for Putting Together IKEA Furniture

You probably either love or hate IKEA furniture.

Compared to other stores, you can find a great deal. But on the other hand, assembling your new purchase can be pretty frustrating.

If only there were tactics to make the whole process simpler. Follow these simple steps to beat that IKEA furniture into submission – not literally, we hope.

Throw out the tiny wrenches

If you’ve ever put together IKEA furniture, you know that they include all the necessary “tools” for assembly. However, these aren’t full sized tools and you likely have better alternatives lying around the house already.

Instead of painstakingly screwing in 30 tiny screws with a 5-inch Allen wrench, opt for a power tool like an electric, handheld screwdriver.

Don’t get carried away with your hammer

Many IKEA furniture pieces require you to conjoin pieces using tiny wooden dowels. This setup commands a hammer to encourage the two pieces to join.

Your first thought may be to choose a standard metal hammer, but the force required to attach the two pieces may actually damage the surface of the furniture.

To avoid this, try using a rubber mallet or similar tool.

There’s an app for that

Did you know you can use your smartphone for putting together IKEA furniture?

Unfortunately, we don’t mean an app that does all the work for you. But, there is a great tool built right into your phones that many of you probably didn’t know about – a level.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can access the built-in level through Apple’s Compass app. Once in the Compass app, swipe left to see the level.

If you’re an Android-based phone user, there are a few third-party apps available for free that offer this functionality, including Laser Level.

Plan, plan, plan

Everyone knows that assembling IKEA furniture is a hassle. Planning out the assembly can help make the whole process go more smoothly.

One way to do this is to keep all the small components together. Use a tray or a plate to pre-organize and sort everything before jumping into the build.

You should always make sure that you have enough space around you for the build as well – taking into account which direction the furniture will grow as you add more pieces.

Lastly, IKEA offers an online home planner. This program allows you to create a virtual environment of your home and see exactly what individual pieces might look like in your home should you purchase them. This tool is extremely helpful if you are unsure about size, color or other design issues.

Don’t let IKEA furniture make a doormat out of you

It can be frustrating. But, by following these simple steps every time you assemble IKEA furniture, you’re bound to have a better experience.


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